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First of all, investor relations is an important part of corporate governance, to improve the governance structure of listing Corporation and the management level, promote the company standardized operation, reasonable proposals continue to absorb the investors, to enhance the company's core competitiveness, investment value and shareholder value, promote the sustained and healthy development of the company. For example, a study shows that investors, company governance information transparent up to 30% of the premium.

Secondly, the work of relationship with investors is an important mechanism to protect the interests of investors, investor friendly position, play the role of investors in the market. The formation of the capital constraint of the market mechanism, the effective protection of investors, especially medium and small investors' legitimate rights and interests.

Third, the work of relationship with investors is an important measure of the capital market credit construction. Helps to strengthen the construction of credit culture and improving the listing Corporation, listing Corporation quality, enhance the confidence of investors, to improve the recognition of investors in the listing Corporation.

Fourth, the management of investor relations, is an important part of strategic management of the company, is conducive to the improvement of the listing Corporation's reputation and establish a good market image. Find and strategic investors optimize shareholder structure and ownership structure of companies into the stability, access to long-term capital support from investors, reduce the financing cost of the company.

In conclusion, the work of relationship with investors, through the establishment of good relations between the company and the investor, can promote to realize the maximization of the maximum value of the company's shareholders, and through effective transfer, the validity of the capital market to improve. The present work vigorously to promote investor relations with very prominent practical significance and strategic significance to Chinese capital market turning and harmonious development.

Two, the working relationship listing Corporation investors in our country faces new development opportunities. In the working relationship between the investors in listing Corporation has just started in China, get more attention from the society, has been actively involved in the market. With the split share structure reform and the arrival of the full circulation times, the management listing Corporation investors in our country are facing new development opportunity. In early 2002 January, China CSRC has been proposed in the process of strengthening the internal management of the listing Corporation, to consider the introduction of international investor relations this concept. In 2003 July China Securities Regulatory Commission issued on promoting the listing Corporation has informed investor relations management. In 2005 July, Chinese Commission also issued guidance work relation between listing Corporation and investors. The definition of investor relations, objective, principle, working content, working mode, organizational settings are described in detail.

In the promotion of China CSRC, more and more listing Corporation to gradually establish a working relationship with the consciousness of investors. Most of the listing Corporation are making a disclosure investors management system. Some companies also set up specialized agencies, more actively communicate with investors. At the same time, the professional research services in a large number of investors to manage Co., greatly enhance the domestic listing Corporation investor relations management professional. Even so, we still should see soberly, there are many contradictions and problems in primary stage in the overall investors in listing Corporation management work in our country.